Friday, October 22, 2010

Call Response

We’ve accomplished another milestone in the fight against modern day slavery. Thanks to our fellow abolitionists we have successfully raised $7,500 forProject: AK-47.

The children that Project: AK-47 rescues spend an average of seven years in the military as children. They work to provide them with needs like shelter, food, clothing, education and LOVE.

The money that YOU have helped raised is going towards one of the aftercare projects that Project: AK-47 has in Burma. Burma is home to over 75,000 child soldiers, which is the largest concentration of child soldiers in the world. Long-standing civil war, ethnic conflicts, and drug trafficking are subjecting children to adult wars. Meet some of the faces of the ones you’re helping:

Now meet the faces of the ones doing the helping thru Project: AK-47:

(First Row: Alyxius, Jared, Jeremy, Analee; Second Row: Tyler, Reena, Marcus, Rebecca)

We can’t fight this fight alone. Thanks to you, Project: AK-47 has resources to continue their efforts to rehabiliate child soldiers.

Want to get involved? You can. We have two new projects that need your help.

Free for Life International helps to prevent and rescue girls who have been trafficked across the Indo-Nepal border.

Love146 provides aftercare solutions for children with safe housing, therapy, nutrition, medical care, education, and a home full of love and care.

Both of these organizations are calling and asking for you to help. Will you respond?

Donate today:
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Love146 –

Call Response