Saturday, March 26, 2011

Video Game's 'Capture the Babe' Mode Has Players Slapping Women -

A screenshot from the trailer for Duke Nukem Forever, which resurrects the familiar sexist sterotypes seen in the original versions of the game.

This story came out this morning on A new game, Duke Nukem Forever, developed for XBox by Gearbox Studios who bought the rights to the game last year, requires players to abduct women and give them a slap if the woman resists or freaks out. It implies, very strongly, that "Duke" receives oral sex from twins in school uniforms!

As an advocate for women's and children's right, I cannot, I repeat CAN NOT, sit back and let this go! Please read the article below (click on the link). Anti-Slavery Project will be taking action against everyone involved in allowing this if it is released in June as the article suggests.

No where on God's green earth is something like this "OK!"